NOBODY DENIM - Reversible Denim Face Mask

NOBODY DENIM - Reversible Denim Face Mask

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The Nobody Denim denim face mask is designed for comfort and ease of wear without sacrificing on coverage nor breathability. With ear loop elastic, this mask can be put on with ease when needed.

The denim face mask shape is designed to fit a wide range of faces comfortably and securely, including children over the age of 12. Pair your denim face mask with your favourite jeans and support local manufacturing. 

Made with two layers of cotton and one layer of poly-cotton, the masks are designed for personal use only. Please remember to wash after use. 

Designed to protect the user by providing a close fit over the nose, cheek and chin, held in place comfortably with elastic ear loops. 

In an effort to help combat COVID-19 and keep Nobody Denim staff employed during Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne, they have re-purposed their sewing facility to produce scrubs for frontline responders, and masks for government entities including aged-care facilities, healthcare workers and schools. With more and more scientists and government officials mandating the use of masks and responsible social distancing, we believe that it is important that we all wear masks and do our part. So get your face masks online and safely delivered to your door.

Nobody Denim's masks are made in Melbourne by a team that is dedicated to maintaining safe workplace practices.


Fair production - Ethical Clothing Australia accredited. Environmental Production - Made in Australia.